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Shoot At Sight AR

//Shoot At Sight AR

Project Details

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone.

Shoot At Sight AR

Category : Game Action

An augmented reality arcade game.

The app harnesses one of the cutting edge technology i.e. AR and provides you an amazing experience by utilizing the real world around you.

Shoot at Sight AR app provides you thrilling experience of shooting virtual objects around you using AR and builds virtual 3D characters to play in the real world.
Happy Shooting!

  • Compatibility :Requires iOS 13.0 or later
  • Languages : English
  • Age Rating : 9+
  • Price : Free
Application Guide

Shooting Activity

a. The primary goal of the activity is to hit most of the target in the given time.
b. For better user interaction, always keep your device straight at your shoulder height when you start the activity, and then feel free to move your device.
c. You have the option to select your mascot and weapon before starting the activity. A target will be randomly selected for you.
d. Activity Time (in minutes): It is the total time allocated to you to hit the maximum targets.
e. Target Display Time (in seconds): It is the total time for which a target will appear and you will get three attempts to hit the target.
f. Revives: The revive count is the number of missed attempts that will be allowed in the span of activity time.
g. Activity will complete once the set activity time is over or all the revives are used.
h. Target will reappear at the random position around you once the target display time is over or the target is hit.
i. The result of the activity is comprised of Performance and Hit rate. The application algorithm will analyze your stats and generate your performance and hit rate for the activity. Activity Time, Target Display Time, and Revives will also be considered while generating the result.
j. You can share your result of the activity with your friends and over various social media platforms.

Character's Playground

a. You have an amazing fun zone where you can play with your mascot by setting up the virtual world around you. The play button in the mascot selection section will take you to the playground.
b. Your device will automatically detect the suitable plane area around you. For better performance place your device near to a horizontal surface. The app will ignore the bright and reflective surface like floor tiles.
c. You will see the blue portals around you as soon as the app detects the suitable points around you.
d. Touch any of these blue portals to place your mascot and use various play buttons to animate it.
e. Use the menu button to reset the current playground setup or choose another character to play.

App Sound

a. You can anytime override the application sound using the hardware mute switch. Use earphones for a better experience and to listen app sound if your mute switch is on.

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